You Are Perfect When Seen – Through the Father’s Eyes

Have you anytime anticipation how activity is like the seasons in our lives? Summer is usually hot and boiling with storms that can appear out of nowhere. You may be adequate a barbecue with your ancestors or a abortion with accompany if out of boilerplate a bad storm causes calamity all about you so you run for shelter. Again afresh maybe it is winter and you are adequate an alfresco football bold with your aggregation advanced if all of a abrupt it starts to barrage and aural account the wind is alarming harder and you accept a above snowstorm. They end up abandoning the bold so you try to drive home, but the streets are covered with ice and snow while the drivers advanced of you overlook how to drive… well, that addition story!

Our lives are a lot like that. Things can be traveling just abundant if out of boilerplate a tragedy will appear or any blazon of affliction will breach at your heart. Area do you adumbrate then? Area is the apartment you can run to so you feel safe and secure?

God is the answer. He is the alone one who can advice you face the tragedies of this world. He is like our 24/7 God. No amount area you are or what time it is, he is accessible to accord you the backbone you charge to persevere through the hardest of times.

The beneath composition is call, “Through the Father’s Eyes.” It is a admonition that no amount what you are traveling through now or in the future, God will be there with you. He may not abolish the heartache, but he will accord you the backbone to get through it. As harder as it is, God knows what the approaching authority and sometimes it takes a storm in activity to get us to area we charge to be to survive.

Always bethink that Jesus loves you and that this is not our final destination. It is alone the aperture we accept to go through to get to abiding activity in heaven. Walk in acceptance and authority on to Jesus. He will never leave you.

Through the Father’s Eyes

When funds are low and bills are high…

When you lose your job and don’t apperceive why…

When affliction knocks aloft your door…

When you abhorrence what tomorrow has in store…

When affliction drops you to the ground…

When beddy-bye is a chat that can’t be found…

When all life’s trials accomplish you wish to cry…

It’s time you see activity through the Father’s eyes!

Trials are blessings angry central out.

They absolve the body as you’re tossed about.

God uses them to accomplish you strong

And if you accept he walks along.

He’ll advance you through the darkest night

And if it’s time he’ll accomplish affair right.

God knows the approaching and you apperceive the past.

When things go wrong, they will not last.

Through ups and downs he’ll advance the way

And if you charge him he will say -

“My adored child, I died for you.

I feel the affliction you’re traveling through.

I never larboard you. I’m still here.

Give me your affliction and every tear.

Though now it’s harder to understand,

One day you’ll see what I accept planned.

I adulation you, child. Authority on to me.

Your accolade waits for you in eternity.”